About Me

Maureen_SlavenMaureen Slaven
B. Ed (Hons) Cert. Ed.
RSA Dip. Sp.L.D. (Dyslexia).
Certified Irlen Screener
PATOSS Registered Assessor


I have some thirty years experience of teaching and over fourteen years working with specific learning difficulties. Whatever the reason, from falling behind the class due to illness, to suffering from a specific difficulty, I find that targeted specific tutoring can work to redress the balance and produce great results. It was for this purpose that I founded Dyslexia Plus, responding to the needs of parents who could not access appropriate individual tuition for their children.

About Dyslexia Plus!

Dyslexia Plus, located near the Yorkshire Dales market town of Skipton, is a specialist tutoring service for children and adults who need that ‘essential little extra’ in order to read, write, spell and understand mathematics. We cater for those experiencing Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dyspraxia, but have found that the methods employed with such students also work very well for students who need to ‘catch up’ with their peers, for whatever reason. We offer screening for Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and the Meares-Irlen syndrome, carry out assessments, give advice, and provide tuition and support. We aim to provide a quality service that brings success in literacy and numeracy to all students.

Dyslexia Plus started in July 2004 and has grown from very small beginnings mainly through parent and teacher recommendation. 90% of parents who contact us have received a recommendation from another parent or a class teacher.