Assessments and Lessons

report-writingAssessment is crucial in pinpointing the nature of a student’s specific difficulty and unlocking their learning potential. Diagnostic tests are used to reveal learning strengths and weaknesses that will ensure precise targeting in teaching. Tests used include phonological awareness, reading, spelling & phonic skills, visual & auditory memory & sequencing skills, vocabulary skills and handwriting speed, plus levels for mathematics.

Specific Assessments using diagnostic tests for literacy, numeracy or motor skills, depending on age and needs of pupil, will take anything from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. Attainment tests that can be presented as evidence for access arrangements for examinations take a similar amount of time.

A Learning Profile, including Dyslexia or Dyscalculia screening, using diagnostic tests to outline individual strengths and weaknesses, takes between an hour and a half & three hours, depending on areas to be investigated.

An initial verbal feedback is given to clients followed by a full written report giving detailed information on all tests used, together with conclusions and recommendations for future learning. Sometimes students come to us with an educational assessment already in place. In these cases a shorter assessment, that details literacy or numeracy levels plus some diagnostic tests, is all that is necessary to construct a learning programme.


Each session covers one hour. The student follows a highly structured, cumulative, multi-sensory programme based on small steps. An individual lesson is planned and recorded in detail with regular target setting and reporting to parents